10x Venture Partners
NH's most active angel group
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10x Venture Partners

NH's most active angel group

New Hampshire’s Most Active Angel Group


Who We Are

10X Venture Partners is a seed stage (and beyond) investment group. We commit operational experience and dollars to our portfolio companies.

Why 10X?

Why Should You Consider 10X Venture Partners?

We operate in a casual, open manner and we have a sense of humor. We are here to mentor founders and we get satisfaction in seeing you succeed. We will provide you open and direct feedback about your business whether we invest or not. You are not meeting with analysts; you are meeting with the principals of our group. When we do invest, we get involved. Our partners have direct operational experience and bring an extensive network of resources to bear to achieve success. Although we have a casual atmosphere, this is not a hobby. We invest to make money.

Where Do We Invest?

We invest predominantly in mobile, internet, wireless, security, med tech and green tech.

Size of Investment?

A typical investment ranges from $50k-$500k but we are capable of larger investments and follow on.

Stage of Investment?

We invest from the idea stage thru to $5m-10m revenue, profitable companies. We look for solid founders, a good idea and a clearly articulated economic model. We prefer companies that have achieved revenue generation.

What is Our Geographical Focus?

We prefer companies in the New England market. This allows us to provide hands on assistance. That said, we open our geographic radius for the right opportunity. We also entertain syndicated deals.

Our Core Competencies

Our team has real operational experience in the following areas:

  • Defense Tech

  • Wireless

  • Mobile

  • Green Energy/Smart Grid

  • Telecom/Internet infrastructure

  • Social media/mobile data analysis and applications

  • SAAS/Cloud computing

  • M2M (sensors, networks)

  • Network security

  • Intellectual Property Strategies

  • Government sales

  • International and channel sales